Travel Consulting

With more than a million miles under my belt, you can count on the fact that I’ve been there:

•   Chicago O’Hare, from thunderstorms to snow storms and just-missed connections

•   London Heathrow, sprinting to the far reaches of Terminal 1

•   At a hotel front desk, trying to check in to an overbooked property at 1:30 am

•   On the phone with a frequent flier program every day for weeks on end, trying to secure just a single business class seat to Europe in July that doesn’t route through Warsaw or Zagreb

Delayed and cancelled flights, aborted takeoffs and landings.  Airlines that suddenly cease operations, flights oversold by 40 passengers, two-hour security lines.

If you can think of a travel situation, I’ve lived it.  And in doing so I’ve learned exactly how to deal with each obstacle in the most effective way.  It’s become my job to know – and to help you when things go wrong at the worst possible moment.

Whether you travel for business, pleasure or a little of each, I offer a full service travel management solution that is tailored to your needs – you pick and choose exactly which services you would like.  I am your personal travel advisor, concierge and resource.  Whether you just want a frequent flier program consultation or a full package of research, recommendations and booking for that dream vacation, I’m here to help.

Frequent Flier Program Consultation

Have you committed any of the following mileage sins?

•   Redeemed 25,000 miles for a domestic award ticket?

•   Posted miles from Continental, United and US Airways separately to each program’s account?

•   Let your elite status expire because you were a few thousand miles short at the end of the year?

•   Spent miles on things like magazines and electronics, just so you could get some value from them?

The Savvy Traveler’s Frequent Flier Program Consultation is designed to help you assess how you can extract maximum benefits from loyalty programs. We will examine your travel and spending patterns and airline and hotel affiliations to determine the optimal alignment of airline loyalty, spending and elite status that will fit your needs.

 Download the Frequent Flyer Consultation product sheet

Full Service Travel Management

Is your executive assistant really the person you want booking your travel, in those fleeting moments between finalizing the annual board presentation and managing your calendar for the week? Does he know about those instant-upgrade fares, or that the chain hotel downtown is universally scorned?

I’m a specialist – it’s my job to know these things, and I know them well. I advise you on the best airlines for your needs, upgrade possibilities, value options, and offer suggestions on where to stay and what not to miss, should you find yourself with some free time.

And if you’re anything like me, your plans change all the time, and usually when you’re ten time zones away and can’t seem to get the local phone system to connect a call to surly airline employees. Not to worry; a quick e-mail to me will ensure that you have the best options for that side trip to Bali. Best of all, I won’t tell the boss.

 Download the Full Service Travel Management product sheet

Round-the-World Trips

A round-trip airfare from Los Angeles to Sydney in business class can run up to $12,000 or more. For that same amount of money you could fly up to 39,000 miles around the world in business class, including the stop in Sydney. If you have meetings elsewhere in Asia, Africa or Europe a Round-the-World ticket can provide a very significant cost savings over point-to-point premium cabin tickets.

What’s the catch? As with most airline product offerings, there are myriad rules and restrictions on these types of tickets, from routing limitations to surcharges to finding the necessary fare class to confirm a booking. As an expert, I will help you successfully navigate the minefield of airline rules and extract the maximum value from your ticket.

 Download the Round-The-World trips product sheet

Travel Bootcamp

Staffing travel planning out to an executive or administrative assistant is a must for a time-starved professional. But that person was hired with a skill-set much broader than travel booking; can your assistant find the absolute best airfare, or does he rely on Expedia? Does he know how to secure an upgrade to a flat-bed seat for your ten hour flight to Europe?

The travel industry is extremely complex and opaque, and your assistant needs the best available expertise in order to ensure your travels are smooth, comfortable and that you get the rewards you deserve.

The Savvy Traveler’s Travel Bootcamp seminars are eight comprehensive hours packed full of valuable information about all aspects of the industry, covering travel management, loyalty program status, mileage earning and redemption, upgrades, an insider’s look at airfares, and much more.

After this seminar your assistant will be equipped with the knowledge and tools to book travel like an expert, reducing your costs and improving the quality of your travels.

 Download the Travel Bootcamp product sheet

Still not convinced?  What if I told you I flew on the Concorde for $1,100 roundtrip?  Stayed in the Hilton Osaka for $3 a night?  I can’t guarantee you deals that good, but I can provide a significant value in time saved, hassle avoided and expert advice given.

Hourly or monthly packages are available.  Please contact me for further details.

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