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I discovered my passion for travel just after college. After getting laid off from my second dot.com in less than a year, I booked a plane ticket to Singapore for a week – just because I found a cheap airfare – and an unquenchable thirst for travel and adventure was born. As a newly minted jetsetter without the trust fund to match, I had to develop the knowledge and strategies necessary to squeeze the most out of every travel dollar.

My journeys have taken me to all six inhabited continents, including living in the Middle East, backpacking across Australia, Asia and Europe, and traveling to some of the most difficult countries for Americans to visit, including North Korea (twice).

Having traveled extensively throughout the United States and to more than 60 other countries, I’ve built a formidable knowledge about airlines, airfares, hotels, miles, points and upgrades. I specialize in traveling well on a budget, flying in coach as infrequently as possible, and drinking excessively in airport lounges.

With more than a million miles flown, and invaluable real-world travel experience under my belt, I decided to launch a travel consulting practice and blog to share some of this experience and insight. And, of course, to finance even more exotic adventures in the future.

I offer travel advice on the Savvy Traveler blog on this site, and take on new clients when I have availability. You can contact me by clicking the “Contact” button above.










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