The Frequent Flyer Academy - August 10th, 2013

Hello savvy travelers. I realize that I’ve neglected this blog lately, and for that you have my apologies. I’ve been focused on an exciting new project that will help you become a travel expert just like me. It’s called the Frequent Flyer Academy…

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How to get the most from airline customer service - June 4th, 2013

Travel is full of disruptions. Some trips go smoothly and quickly, while others end up with cancelled flights and unplanned stops. In my case, I spent the night in Chicago because my American Airlines flight there from Toronto was delayed by several hours. How American handled this delay is a case study in effective customer service. It also helped that I knew what the airline would – and would not – do for me in this situation…

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Are fuel surcharge fees devaluing your miles? - May 16th, 2013

In recent years, airlines have become addicted to fee revenue. When oil prices spiked in 2008, airlines began instituting fuel surcharges. These charges were a way for the airline to collect additional revenue per ticket without actually raising the fare. While simply raising fares would have been an honest, transparent response to higher fuel costs, airlines chose the low road, hiding these fees under labels like “YQ charge”…

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Beware of phantom award availability on United - April 2nd, 2013

United’s merger with Continental led to about a year-long upheaval in its back-end IT systems, causing numerous problems for passengers in the first few months after implementation. But for frequent flyers there has always been an upside: Continental’s excellent partner award search tool. The award search feature on the new provides one of the most comprehensive Star Alliance award searches in existence.

Lately, however, there have been some hiccups…

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Fare issues with Star Alliance Round The World tickets - January 31st, 2013

If you’re thinking about booking a round the world (RTW) ticket on Star Alliance, keep reading.  This is information you absolutely need to know. Round The World fares can provide excellent value if you’re willing to live with their rules and restrictions.  These rules can be complex, byzantine and occasionally bizarre.  One of the main […]

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